We offer 21st century unique digital business card that’s unlike any other business card. The best contactless business card - For people who want to make a great first impression. Linkincard is used by individuals and companies—from small to midsize business to enterprise corporations. The professional way to connect – the one card is all you need. Not just for in-person meetings, but also for online networking and virtual events. Upgrade your networking with Linkincard today!

With Linkincard

Get a strong presence in the business world

Our digital business cards platform offers an innovative and versatile solution for individuals and businesses to showcase their contact information, social media accounts, and more. With unique features such as adding contacts, viewing nearby contacts on a map, creating a store, and generating QR codes, this platform elevates the traditional business card experience into the digital age.

Choose between a Professional account for individuals or a Company account for businesses to unlock a suite of features tailored to your needs.

With Linkincard

Share your updates with your contacts

Enhance your profile with a dynamic timeline showcasing your latest news, events, or achievements. Share updates, images, and videos to keep your connections informed and engaged. With the option to schedule posts, you can plan your content and maintain a consistent presence.

With Linkincard

Add Offers and Collect Interest

Promote special deals, discounts, or offers directly on your profile. Visitors can express their interest, allowing you to track leads and measure the success of your campaigns. Customize the duration, terms, and conditions of your offers, and receive notifications when someone shows interest.

With Linkincard

View Nearby Contacts on Map

Utilize the built-in map feature to find professionals and businesses near your location. Filter results by industry, job title, or other parameters to narrow down potential connections. This feature enables you to discover new networking opportunities and interact with others in your area to grow your professional network.

With Linkincard

Create a Store with QR Code

Set up a fully integrated online store on your profile to show your products or services. Organize items by category, add descriptions, images, and pricing information. Share your store easily with a unique QR code, which customers can scan to browse and view. The platform supports categorizing your products so your customers can filter your products easily.

With Linkincard

Generate Car Profile Page

Create a comprehensive car profile page with QR code when selling your vehicle. Include details like make, model, year, mileage, color, and unique features, along with photos and videos. Interested buyers can submit offers directly through the car profile, streamlining the sales process and making it easy to negotiate and finalize transactions.

With Linkincard

Add Contacts

Connect with other users by scanning their digital business cards or sharing your own via QR code or NFC technology. The platform automatically imports their information, such as name, job title, company, phone number, email, and social media accounts. You can add notes and tags to your contacts to better manage and categorize them, making it easy to stay organized and build your network.

With Linkincard

Create Company Account and Employee Profiles

Company accounts can create and manage digital business cards for their employees. Customize the design and content to align with your corporate brand. Employees receive a company profile, showcasing the organization's details, products, services, and contact information. Monitor employee performance with visit statistics and analytics, helping you understand your team's networking efforts.

You will have many advantages with LinkinCard

There are many advantages of LinkinCard, you create a strong presence in the business world and effectively grow your professional network. Going beyond the limitations of traditional business cards, LinkinCard provide a more powerful and dynamic solution for your business and professional life.

Cost Savings

Save on the continuous expense of printing physical business cards and make a more cost-effective investment with digital cards.

Environmentally Friendly

Prevent paper waste and contribute to a more sustainable environmental awareness by using digital business cards.

Impressive Image

Create a more striking and modern image in the professional world with customizable and contemporary designs of digital cards.

Easy Updates

Update your digital business cards easily when your contact information or job title changes, always presenting up-to-date and accurate information.

Dynamic Content

Digital business cards can be enriched with videos, images, and interactive elements, capturing the attention of recipients and facilitating connection building.

Fast and Convenient Sharing

Share your digital business cards quickly and easily using QR codes and NFC technology to establish new connections.

Integrated Features

With integrated features like an integrated store, offers, maps, and more, your digital business cards help promote not just your contact information, but your business as well.

Analytics and Insights

Digital business cards provide valuable data on engagement, allowing you to track the performance of your card and understand how people interact with your profile.